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GDEX Extra-Life Intro | GDEX 2017

GDEX PERSPECTIVES: Gaming While Black | Donte Woods-Spikes

Continually Moving Forward | Jesse Cox


Please Learn From Our Podcasting F**k Ups | Travis & Justin McElroy

The Creative Journey | SwankyBox

Social Impact: A Global Game Jam Perspective | Seven Siegel


Never Give Up... | Patrick Owens

Production and the Creative Process | Stephan Frost

Leveling up: What 10 Years Has Taught Me | Ian Davis


GDEX 2017 Content Creation Panel

The AbleGamers Charity Accessibility in Gaming | AbleGamers Charity

The Apprenticeship of Pimm: The Journey to Shape a Kung Fu Fighting Hamster | Howard Tsao


2017 Video Game Law Review: Hot Topics and Q&A | Ross Hersemann

How to Think Like the Gaming Press | Ben Kuchera

How to Interact with the Press Panel