Exhibitor Update #1: GDEX MONTH!

Now that we’re in September, it’s GDEX MONTH!! Since we’re getting close to the event, I wanted to start an Exhibitor Newsletter that will help you get ready for GDEX at the end of the month! Expect a new email every week this month with new topics, and feel free to respond back to me with any questions/comments/concerns you may have. It may even show up in the next update!


Floor Plan and Electricity Update

Ok I know what’s immediately on everybody’s mind: how do I pay for electric! While we aren’t quite ready for that step, I wanted to let you know what’s going on, and when you can expect to pay for everything.

We just received our final layout of the showfloor today, with this, we have all of our potential booth numbers. We’ll be spending most of the next few days putting together that floorplan and sending it back to FERN to get the final floor plan solidified. Therefore, you can expect to receive the Exhibitor List and Floor Plan in next weeks update! Once you have your assigned booth number, you will be able to log into the Convention Center’s systems and purchase your amenities.



GDEX is hosting it’s 3rd annual Awards Ceremony! However, this year, I’m on the ball with the planning of them, so I get to announce them early to you all! We will have judges going around and trying out all of your games throughout the weekend. While they won’t be noticeable, if you happen to see them, treat them the same as all of our other attendees. They won’t be giving special access or anything like that!

With all of that being said, below are the award categories that we will be looking at throughout the weekend.

  • Best in Show
  • Best Art in Show
  • Best ISE in Show
  • Playvue Crowd Favorite*
  • AbleGamers Most Accessible Award
  • NEW! Best Innovative in Show
  • NEW! Best Sound Design in Show
  • NEW! Best VR in Show

*Registration Information Coming Soon!

If you feel like you belong in one of these categories, make sure that you plan your booth accordingly (i.e. Headphones for best Sound Design). Otherwise, Good Luck and we’ll hope to see your amazing projects at the Awards! We’ll send out another update later this month with more information!


Exhibitor Services

Did you know that GDEX has partnered with local service providers to make you Exhibitor Experience even better? If you go to www.thegdex.com/exhibitors/paid you can look through our list of Exhibitor Service Partner. Currently we have Matchbox LTD which can help you with Large Scale Printing (i.e. banners, tablecloths, etc.). We’ve also partnered with UA Creative Studios to offer professional photography and videography of your booth, to use later for Promotion materials!

While we are running this year as a pilot, these companies are offering some of the greatest prices we’ve seen for these services. We actually use Matchbox to print all of our banners throughout the show, and UA does our official speaker videos every year. So let us know what you think of the services partners, and we’ll expand it out for future events!


Merchant Paperwork

Finally, Merchant Paperwork! I have been informed by the Convention Center that we need to send all of you this information about selling items at the Convention Center. While this doesn’t pertain to Digital sales, this does affect anyone who is physically selling things during the convention center! Give it a look over, and if you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to feild them to the Convention Center!


So I think that’s about it! If you’ve missed an update, or want to go back and look at previous updates, you can visit www.thegdex.com/exhibitors/paid to check out our Exhibitor Update Blog! Everything I write one of these emails, it will be stored there as well, so use it as a resource as your prepare and plan for your stay at GDEX!


See ya on the showfloor!


Cody Starcher