Paid Exhibitor Onboarding

Thanks so much for paying for your GDEX booth! Now that you’ve paid, it’s time to get you into the next steps of Exhibiting at the show. Below is some information about the immediate and long term things that you will need to know about while preparing for this year’s Event!

Exhibitor Info Site

Created just for Exhibitors who have already paid for their booths at GDEX, you can use this website as a resource for all information regarding the show. We’ll be throwing up information like Booth Assignments, Hotel/Travel Info, past email blasts you may have missed, and we’ll be updating the site as new information becomes available, so be sure to check the site frequently as we get closer to GDEX!

Check out the Paid Exhibitor Site!

Exhibitor Info Packet

Along with the Info Site, we’ve created a GDEX Exhibitor Info Packet! This PDF which lives on the Info Site, will contain all of the information you’ll need about planning your GDEX Exhibitor experience and where you can get outside services or partnerships! I would highly recommend reading over the guide both now, and before you go to GDEX to help answer some of the more common questions I get from GDEX Exhibitors!

Web Presence Information

Finally! I need your information for our Website! Every year we ask exhibitors to send us the following information/deliverables to make sure that we can get them looking really good on our Exhibitor website! Please send me the following items (listed in order of importance) and I’ll get you updated in the website ASAP!

  • Any corrections that needs to be made to your entry current live on the site!

    • Your entry should read “Company - Project”

      • If they are the same, it will read “Company”

  • A 480x270 Thumbnail we can use for your Image

  • A Video showcasing what you’re bringing to GDEX!

And I think that’s everything! You can always feel free to hit me up with any questions you have about GDEX! Otherwise I’ll look forward to seeing you at GDEX!

See ya on the Showfloor!

Cody Starcher