Update 3: Awards!

Hey All!

Before we get Started on awards I wanted to give a few quick updates!

First off! Power prices have been lowered. I got a hold of the convention center and was able to get our Early Pricing extended until this Wednesday (10/9)! It should have made the power around what I estimated in the packet! Also, if you're worried about how much power to get, don't! Most exihibitors I've worked with have been just fine on the basic 5 or 10 amp power! Even if that's not enough for your setup, you will be able to upgrade your power at the convention center. They will just charge you the difference in price.

I was also able to get the Internet live within their system. If you need to order internet, you can do so by pressing "Internet" on the left hand side. Please note that we typically advise for booths to not rely on Internet, but you can also look at Mobile Hotspots for another solution for Internet Needs ;)

Finally, don't forget to grab any additional passes and upgrades you want for your booth at www.thegdex.com/exhibitors/addons! We're making the exhibitor packages on Wednesday Night, and that's the best way to easily get your passes, otherwise I will deliever any addtional passes to your booth Friday Evening, or Saturday Morning.

With all of that out of the way, I'm going to give it to Keith Blake from Playvue to talk about the awards this year!

See ya in a few days!


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GDEX 2019 will see the 4th Annual GDEX Award Ceremony held on Sunday 10/13 at 6PM in the Main Theater.  Admission is free, but as always, top hats and monocles are HIGHLY encouraged.

This year we’ll be presenting NINE awards:

  • Best in Show

  • Best in Show - ART

  • Best in Show - ISE

  • Best in Show - AR/VR

  • Best in Show - Sound Design

  • Best in Show - Cosplay

  • Best in Show - Most Innovative

  • Playvue Crowd Favorite Award

  • AbleGamer’s Most Accessible

MOST OF THE AWARDS will be decided by a secret panel of judges that will be wandering around the show all weekend watching, playing and, well, judging.  And, we can guarantee YOU WON’T KNOW WHO THEY ARE! (Mainly, because we don’t yet.) So, be sure to have your booth manned and running during all show floor hours, be courteous, friendly and helpful to ALL guests.  And, above all else, have fun! 

That said…


To get the pulse (and votes) of the masses, visitors will be voting for your games from within the Playvue mobile app.  To be eligible for voting, follow the steps below to register your game on the Playvue platform. During load-in, a Playvue rep will be visiting each registered game’s booth handing out these lovelies to let visitors know your game(s) is/are in contention.  

Voting will open on Friday evening and will end Sunday at 5PM ahead of the Awards Ceremony at 6PM in the Main Theatre.  If you should have any issues with registration, voting or just wanna chat ‘bout game stuff, join our new Playvue Developers Slack, feel free to email developers@playvue.com or find me on the show floor (I’m usually hard to miss).

To be eligible, follow these instructions:



Register your game via thePlayvue Developer Dashboardand be sure to select GDEX 2019 under Registered Events. Once your registration request has been accepted, your game will appear under the Events > GDEX 2019 in the Playvue app and be available for voting come show time.

Because we have over 250,000 games across several platforms, the registration process includes:

  1. Requesting access to manage your game on Playvue.

  2. Submitting/updating game details.

  3. Being approved by humans*.

* - We’ve made several significant upgrades from previous years to help speed up this process, but we’re still human and many requests require “hands on keyboards.”  If we reject your request, please rest assured, it’s probably just for formatting your changes to ensure they look absolutely STUNNING in the app and on the website. We will be actively approving requests constantly up until the show (and even som during the show itself, but for obvious reasons, those response times may be more delayed). 


This year, we'll be providing booth displays and reminder signage for every game registered for voting (see #1).  However, participants can only vote if they know your game is up for the award! So be sure to let them know to vote for your game in the Playvue app!


Each attendee is allowed one vote for the Crowd Favorite Award, however votes can be changed throughout the weekend while voting is still open.  Voting will open Friday, 10/11 @ 7PM and end at 5PM on Sunday, 10/13.

4. WIN - WIN - WIN - WIN - WIN... you get the idea.

Votes will be tallied and the Winning Game will be announced at the GDEX Award Ceremony on Sunday 10/13 at 6PM in the Main Theater.


A representative will be on-hand from Playvue during the entire show weekend to help with any issues regarding the app, registration or voting.  Otherwise, if you should have any questions or issues or just wanna chat ‘bout game stuff, join our new Playvue Developers Slack, or feel free to email developers@playvue.com.

Good luck and see you at the show!

Keith @ Playvue

Cody Starcher