Update 4: Load-In!

Hey All!

It’s almost here! Load-In Starts tomorrow and we’re on our way to GDEX!! I wanted to quickly reach out to detail a little more about Load-In give some advice on parking, and get you pumped for an awesome weekend!

First off, Load-In!! Starting at 10am tomorrow, the back dock to the convention center will open and you can start getting your booth for GDEX ready! To get started, set your GPS to 20 Convention Center Dr., Columbus, OH 43215. This should take you to the back of the convention center where are the loading docks are.

Once you arrive to the Docks, you will have 30 minutes to unload and move your car. If your car has not been moved within that time, you will receive a call from our volunteers asking you to take care of that immediately. You will then be guided by our volunteers to the Exhibitor Check In, where you will receive your GDEX 2019 Exhibitor Packet, with all of your passes and any other documents you will need throughout the weekend. You can then either go directly to your booth to begin set up, or ask for a volunteer to assist you in finding your booth. You should then unload your cart and head back to your car!

If you ever have any questions, just look for the Orange shirts. They're some of the best volunteers in the business!

If you ever have any questions, just look for the Orange shirts. They're some of the best volunteers in the business!


Please do not start to setup your booth space until your car has been moved and parked to a new location (The Goodale Parking Garage will by far be the easiest place to go). In order to ensure a timely departure and control traffic flow, you may be asked to unload your vehicle and leave items in the loading dock while you park your car.

During Load In, there will be info booths for GDEX, Fern, and the Convention Center on site to help you with any needs that you may have. Feel free to use these booths to help you get oriented in the Convention Center, order additional furniture or electric, etc.

Finally, and this was a bit of news for us as well! You may already know that we are taking place during HighBall Columbus, our annual Halloween and Costume Festival. However, HighBall doesn’t really get started until 6pm so we thought that we’d be in a good position. Unfortunately, we just found out that they will be closing High Street for HighBall for Friday and Saturday. We’re not sure when the closure will start, but please plan ample time getting to and from GDEX. Luckily if you plan to park at the Goodale Parking Garage, you can pretty easily get to it from the highway without crossing high and things should be fine. Just be ready for closing, particularly if you can’t load in until later in the day! I’ve attached HighBall’s Map below, so please feel free to use it to find out where the closings are and make a plan to best avoid them. 

Highball Map.png

So I think that’s about everything! I promise you that Getting to GDEX is the hardest part. Once you’re here, our Volunteers will help you take care of the rest. Regardless, I’ll be on location starting around 7am, so if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to call! Otherwise, I’ll see you tomorrow and let’s have an awesome GDEX!!!

You’ve got this!

Cell: 419-566-2504

Cody Starcher