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Exhibitor Terms and Conditions


In addition to the standard GDEX Code of Conduct, Exhibitors are expected to follow the below Terms and Conditions. Breaking any of these terms may result in being asked to leave the show, and in extreme conditions, being banned from any future activities with GDEX and any subsidiary Multivarious events.

Multivarious reserves the rights to change these Terms and Conditions at their discretion.

Booth Expectations

Exhibitors are expected to be setup and ready for the show at least 15 minutes before the show floor opens and on the show floor for the entirety of the show’s hours.

Exhibitors are expected to create a positive, safe, and professional space in which guests can interact. Put thought, effort, and skill/talent into your overall presence and guest experience. This includes your signage, take-away/collateral materials, videos/presentations/demos, and interaction with guests. Have back-up equipment and back-up plans in case you run into issues with any of your materials.

All exhibitors should attempt to keep their content displayed within a ‘T for Teen’ rating or below. Anything that might be deemed rated ‘M for Mature’ should have all ratings marked visibly and kept to a minimum. Content that may be deemed ‘A for Adult’ including nudity, pornography, explicit language, and other explicit content is NOT allowed under any circumstances and will not be tolerated. Exhibitors who violate these policies will be escorted from the premises by authorities and banned from all future events.


Exhibitors are responsible for bringing enough staff to assemble, disassemble, and run your space for the duration of the Expo hours. Bringing extra volunteers is always a good idea, to allow your people to take breaks, browse the other exhibitor stations, and make new connections. Booths are expected to be operated throughout the entirety of the expo. Please do not close or break-down your spaces until after the expo ends unless absolutely necessary.

Please keep all booth staffing dressed and presentable in a fashion that might be rated ‘E for Everyone’. Cosplay style costumes are allowed as long as all costumes and clothing are non-sexually provocative or overly revealing. Any exhibitor booth staff that may be presented as a “booth babe” is not allowed for this event. GDEX Staff have the right to request costume/clothing changes if an individual is found to be in violation of this policy.

Contests, Sales, and Freebies

Exhibitors are free to sell their products, participate in raffles/contests, endorse their social media and crowdfunding campaigns while at the Expo. However, exhibitors must do so in a non-aggressive and respectful manner. Exhibitors may not force or coerce guests to purchase, participate in, or sign-up for any products, activities, or events. Additionally, exhibitors must keep all contests and freebies within the legal bounds of Ohio law.

Multivarious reserves the right to cancel any promotions if they are deemed to be unfit or disruptive to the event.


As an exhibitor, you are solely responsible for the property and materials you bring with you. Multivarious and The Greater Columbus Convention Center are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property before, during, and after the event.

After the showfloor closes to Exhibitors, it will be locked by GCCC staff, and will only be accessible by GCCC Cleaning and GCCC Security. While you may leave your items at your booth after the floor has closed, you may also feel free to take any particular items with you from the convention floor, as long as you are setup and ready to go the next morning.

The expo space will not have extra or private security.

Interacting with Guests

Treat all guests with respect and remember that we are all guests of The Greater Columbus Convention Center.

If you have a true problem with a guest, please let a GDEX volunteer or contact your GDEX Representative.


Most audio is allowed with the exception of profanity. This is a public event open to all ages and will not exclude anyone. As such, keep all audio rated ‘T for Teen’ or ‘E for Everyone’. Please display your game ratings prominently.

Volume: Keep your volume manageable. Do not compete with other exhibitor spaces. You as an exhibitor and all of your peer exhibitors in the expo space will be showcasing your games and technology via various digital media that produce sound. GDEX volunteers will be monitoring the show floor and will do their best to keep all exhibitor sound production at equal levels. If you feel a neighbor exhibitor is being too loud and overpowering your space and those around you, please contact a GDEX volunteer. You will be required to lower your volume if requested by GDEX Staff.

If audio is a primary and important component to your presentations, consider bringing headphones for your guests to use at your booth.