Welcome to the Super Secret Paid Exhibitor Portal! Now that you've paid for your GDEX Booth, you can reference this web page for everything you need to know about this year's event! This page will contain all of the information that will change and update as we get closer to the event, while also giving you a quick place for all online related things you'll need for GDEX!

Booth Assignments

The GDEX Floorplan is being finalized and the Booth Assignments are now live! Check out the link below to see where your booth is! This number will also be used for Utilities such as Electricity, and Load In/Load Out, so make sure you know your number for everything GDEX going forward!

General Info


Info Packet


While this site serves as the location for all Evolving information on GDEX, the Exhibitor Info Packet is a place for all of the information that stays the same throughout the year. Read over this document to familiarize yourself with some of the more complexities of the show!

Online Portals


Use these links to quickly gain access to all of the systems you need access to while planning your GDEX Experience! From links to purchase utilities, to more information about what's going on GDEX Weekend, these links will be updated and changing as we get more of our service partners online!




Every year we work with local hotels to offer a discount to Exhibitors and Attendees of GDEX! Follow the buttons below to book your hotel rooms with our partnered Hotels!
This information will be updated as we partner with more venues!



Want to plan your trip to GDEX? Use the buttons below to navigate your way to the Loading Docks, The Hyatt Regency Hotel, or the closest Parking Garage to GDEX 2018! (Note: These links work best with Google Maps, but should work on all GPS Systems)


Exhibitor Updates

The Blog Posts below were sent out to Exhibitors at the time to get ready for GDEX 2018. Use the 208 Exhibitors Blog to catch up on any information you may have missed!

Partnered Vendors

This year, we've partnered with a few of the companies that help GDEX to run every year, to help extend their services to you. As we finalize these partnerships, we'll update them below!



Matchbox Ltd works with exhibitors to create an awesome experience for GDEX attendees that they will remember long after the expo floor has closed for the weekend. Working on everything from creating a concept for your exhibitor space to designing and building out your booth, Matchbox Ltd can assist with your signage printing and or bringing a theme to life for GDEX.

Products Offered:

Deluxe Banner Stands (33"x80") - $175

Table Cover Polyester (132"x68") - $200

Table Runner (34-60"x84") - $77

500 1.25" Round Button - $200

100 Trading Cards - $42

UA Ceative.png


UA Creative Studios is a commercial photography and video production studio and creative education center in Columbus, Ohio. We understand the impact of visual assets in marketing a brand, company, organization or person. Creating content for marketing is our passion--headshots, group shots, architecture, event photography, editorial, lifestyle, food and product photos, video testimonials and brand stories, and creative photography. 

Products Offered:

LIVE Video Featurette - $75

Official GDEX Host, Caleb Belew, will visit your booth and briefly interview your team during our live Facebook stream on Saturday. 

Video Content Creation - $150

The GDEX Video Crew will record a 10-minute interview segment with your key person and capture BRoll of your booth, branding, patrons interacting with your team, and of your product/service/game. The raw footage will be delivered electronically within 48hrs of filming so you can start editing together your own video.

Video Content Creation and Professional Edit - $300

All the things that come with the Video Content Creation option, but with a fully edited video within 7 business days of the event. We'll also add in some of our conference footage to help complete the story of your awesome GDEX experience!

Gotta Catch 'Em All! Special Video Package - $350

Go big with your marketing efforts and do all three!