General Info

GDEX is the convention dedicated to a love of games and creative technology, located in Columbus, Ohio. GDEX started in 2013 as a way for the local gamedev community to showcase their projects, and has since grown into the predominant event celebrating all things gaming in Ohio. GDEX features a weekend expo showcase, combined with presentation sessions, vendor areas, raffles, tournaments, and Charity events benefiting Extra Life and AbleGamers. The GDEX expo is a curated showcase of some of the most exciting up and coming developers so that you can see the latest games before anyone else!

GDEX 2017 will be September 29 – October 1st at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus Ohio with an expected attendance of 4,000+ from across the country.


2017 Quick Facts

  • 4,000+ estimated unique attendees from across the country
  • 120,000 Square Feet Expo showfloor
  • 150+ developers/teams showcasing the latest games and products
  • 50+ presentation sessions from all aspects of the industry
  • GDEX Dev Day is an all day in-depth STEM learning experience for professionals and students
  • Great support from sponsors both within and without the industry make GDEX an amazing event
  • Awesome tournaments and raffles featuring unique prizes benefiting our charity partners
  • Over $50,000 raised for Extra Life and the AbleGamers Charity since GDEX began.



2016 Stats

  • 61.5% of guests said that GDEX was their first ever convention
  • 63% of attendees said GDEX was the only convention they go to each year
  • Nearly 50% of attendees were students (Middle-High School, Higher Education)
  • 56.5% were ages 14-25, 30% were 26-35, 18% were 36 and older
  • 48.5% Non-Developers / 51.5% Developers (professional, amateur, student)



Booth Breakdown

ISE Table
Independent / Student / Experimental
First time and small exhibitors ($175 after 7/31)
6' Table
1 Exhibitor Badge
Access to the Exhibitor Mixer
*Electricity included in ISE Communal Area
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Standard Booth
Showcase To The World
Good fit for most teams.
10 x 10 booth
1 Table
2 Chairs
3 Exhibitor Badges
Access to the Exhibitor Mixer
*Electricity and Internet at additional cost
(Non-Indie Discount Price = $1000)
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Large Booth
When You Have a Lot to Show!
Larger booth for larger teams
10' x 20' Booth
2 Tables
4 Chairs
6 Exhibitor Badges
Access to the Exhibitor Mixer
*Electricity and Internet at additional cost
(Non-Indie Discount Price = $1800)
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VR Booth
Reality Isn't Enough Anymore
Specially sized for the VR experience
10' x 15' Booth
1 Table
Two Chairs
3 Exhibitor Badges
Access to the Exhibitor Mixer
*Electricity and Internet at additional cost
(Non-Indie Discount Price = $1400)
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Artist Table
Showcase Your Artwork
promote and sell personal artwork
One Table
One Chair
1 Exhibitor Badge
Access to the Exhibitor Mixer
*Electricity and Internet at additional cost
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GDEX DOES NOT COVER ELECTRIC FOR EXHIBITOR BOOTHS. When we were at COSI, we created a partnership where electricity was part of the costs of an exhibitor booth. That is unfortunately no longer the case at the Convention Center. A 5-amp Outlet costs $75 for the weekend if you pay for it in advance. Day of outlets can be set up, but they will run a higher price. We are currently working with the Convention Center to get the pipeline setup for Exhibitors to purchase their electric. Once that pipeline is established. I will reach back out with the updated information. Please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.




Internet is also an Expense at the Convention Center. We don’t have much information on top of this to share at the moment, but when we receive more information from our reps at GCCC we will get back to you with more info!



Friday Load In

ALL EXHIBITORS ARE REQUIRED FOR FRIDAY LOAD IN. This year we won’t be as flexible in timing for our load in, therefore we need all our exhibitors to be present and loaded in by 6 P.M. on Friday. Please make plans accordingly now so that you can make it to Friday Load In. If you absolutely cannot make it to Friday Load In, please let your GDEX Representative know ASAP, and we will try to find a solution. However, we can’t guarantee that this issue will be resolved.




With the new Exhibitor Portal System, we can now offer deposits! Deposits will allow you to secure your booth without needing to pay everything upfront. After paying the deposit for the booth, you will be given an additional 60 days to pay off the rest of the space. If you aren’t able to pay off your booth in that time, please let your GDEX Contact know immediately to make sure that you don’t get immediately booted from the system.




If you would like to buy any additional add-ons for your booth, such as  you can purchase them at An Exhibitor Booth and exhibitor passes are required in order to purchase these items. If you do not qualify for the items in the Exhibitor Add-Ons section, and you create an order via that system, your order will be cancelled and we cannot guarantee a refund. If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to your GDEX Representative.



Online Presence

Once you have paid for your booth, we will need information for your Web Presence. Your base information should already be live at Please make sure that everything is correct on the page or if you need something changed. Then send your GDEX representative the following items ASAP so we can create your customized presence on the GDEX website.

Please note that these items are in order of priority, and are subject to change.

  • Any changes that you would like to your profile
  • A 480x270 Thumbnail for your Project/Company
  • A link that you would like attendees to be redirected to
  • A Video that you would like to be linked to your profile
    • Via YouTube or Vimeo