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GDEX Cosplay Competition


Craftsmanship, or exhibition; you will walk across stage and do a few poses for the audience, allow the audience to snap some photos, and then walk off. It’s a cosplay runway!

In order to compete, your costumes must meet the following requirements:

  • Any costumes are allowed to enter, provided you made your costume!

  • All costumes must have been at least 50% made from scratch by the costume creator
    (Shoes and wigs do not count towards the overall costume).

  • Commissioned costumes cannot be entered in the competition divisions.
    (You may enter in the Exhibition division instead).



Note: The Cosplay Staff has the right to place a competitor in an appropriate division at their discretion.

  • Exhibition Division: This division is for people who simply want to walk on stage and show off their costume! You will not be eligible for a craftsmanship award.

  • Novice: Intended for those who are still learning the ropes of making your own cosplay. You cannot compete in this division with more than 1 Major award previously won, or 3 minor awards. (i.e. Honorable Mentions, Judges Awards, etc.)

  • Journeyman:Those who have a firm understanding of how to put together a costume and show developed skills and knowledge. You cannot compete in this division if you have won more than 2 Major awards or 4 minor awards.

  • Masters: Master of the cosplay arts; someone who knows the ropes. Must have won 3 or more major awards.


Judging Process

  • Bring references! A reference is a picture of the character that you are cosplaying. Without a reference, we cannot accurately judge your costume for craftsmanship. It would be beneficial to your score to bring as much reference as possible, preferably as a color printout, but bringing figures, tablets, manga, books, laptops, etc., will also be accepted.

  • Be prepared to talk about your costume. Come in knowing what you want to say. Tell the judges everything about how you made your costume. Things you should talk about include fabric, construction methods, or any special methods you used to get around a problem in designing the costume. The judges will be there to help guide you in your costume judging.

  • The judges will look at your costume up close! Judges will be inspecting the costume craftsmanship up close, if you feel at all uncomfortable at any time, please feel free to let the judges know!