General Information

What is GDEX?

GDEX is the Midwest’s Premier Gaming Expo created by a small group of indie game developers, who wanted to create an opportunity for everyone who is passionate about games to show their work. Going into year five, we work extremely hard to provide developers an opportunity to showcase their awesome games to other devs and gamers from all over the country. GDEX is located in Columbus, Ohio and will take place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. GDEX 2017 will be our biggest year yet, with over 100 exhibitors from across the country showcasing new games you can’t see anywhere else, presentations and workshops from some of the industries most talented people, and tons of raffles, tournaments, and other special events.

Where is GDEX?

GDEX is being held at the awesome Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. With over 120,000 SqFt of Expo show floor, we are prepared for our biggest event to date!

When is GDEX?

This year it’s the weekend of Sept 29th – Oct 1st, can’t wait to see you there!











John Glenn Airport

Airport_500x300Flights to the Columbus International Airport (CMH) are convenient and accessible from every major airline. Being less than a 15 minute drive to GDEX, flying into and out of Columbus is easier than any other major city.

Airport Information

Greyhound Bus

GreyhoundThe Greyhound Bus Line’s Columbus is located within walking distance of the GDEX Venue.

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Hotel Information

HiltonDoubleTree_500x300GDEX is looking to ensure our guests get the best deals on their hotel stays. Stay tuned for more information regarding awesome deals!

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GDEX Dev Day

Friday Sept 29th

10am – 5pm

Grow your skills with an intensive day of workshops, talks, and trainings. GDEX Dev Day is designed for developers to really get involved in the industry in a smaller classroom setting. Dev Day Passes are sold separately and more info is coming soon.

Additional Friday Events

Friday Sept 29th


GDEX is going to be packed full of exciting things to do. More events to be announced shortly, we’ll be in touch!


Additional Saturday Events

Saturday Sept 30th


GDEX is going to be packed full of exciting things to do. More events to be announced shortly, we’ll be in touch!


Additional Sunday Events

Sunday Oct 1st


GDEX is going to be packed full of exciting things to do. More events to be announced shortly, we’ll be in touch!


How Much is a Ticket to GDEX?



Where should I Stay While I'm in Town?
Columbus has a ton of affordable hotels to stay at in the area. Stay tuned here as we’ll update this with a list of places to stay that offer a discount for GDEX guests.
What Does Columbus Have to Offer?
Columbus is an amazing city, and the 15th largest in the country. It combines big city features with a smaller Midwestern sense, and offers some of the country’s best restaurants. Columbus is also remarkably affordable, and you’ll be able to find places to eat, a place to grab a drink, or a variety of events, all at a reasonable price. Feel free to check out Experience Columbus to see what Columbus has to offer over the weekend.
What is OGDE?
OGDE is the Ohio Game Developer Expo, our previous name. Over the years as we’ve grown it has become obvious that we have a much more national appeal. For example, in 2015, we had people from 21 states join us for the expo. We’re very proud of what OGDE was, and everyone who helped make it something special, and we’re extremely excited to see where we all can go as GDEX.

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